Our Secret

Aguacatil’s Secret

LOVE! That is our secret! Simple, but pure and natural… Made with Love!

A thoughtfully designed and blended formula, made with love… is what Aguacatil® brings to the public. Formulated in Costa Rica, produced in Europe and distributed globally, Aguacatil’s combination of proven ingredients aids your body by complementing your diet with nature´s benefits by taking one soft gel daily.

As many studies have demonstrated, the benefits of avocado and flaxseed (linseed) are endless. Aguacatil® is a blend of the best of both natural ingredients, now available to the public at a very affordable price.

Everybody wants a healthy body and lifestyle, this is the main reason why we came up with such a beneficial blend combining the power of avocado along with linseed in a daily, recommended dose.

Aguacatil® is introduced during a "All About Health" era, where people are more educated and conscious on the importance of living healthy with exercise and strict diets that include natural products and supplements that offer the body the balance necessary for a daily and busy routine.

In simple words, we have created a product that we personally consume and will like to share with all of you!

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